lørdag 22. november 2014

2 1cy Caspian Gulls, Øra, Fredrikstad

Asgeir Lar(u)sen called to inform me about a caspian gull he had discovered today. A nice, advanced bird with several renewed coverts and tertials. It was also very vocal and consequently really easy to locate because of the "far-from-musical" quality of this species call. Below are some photos of the bird. All are Asgeirs work.


A "well timed" goshawk (arrived about 5 minutes before me...) scared all the gulls away from the dump and this bird did not return afterwards. I therefore spent a few hours trying to relocate it and thought I was successful when at last I discovered a 1cy caspian gull bathing and preening by the breakwaters. After checking Asgeirs photos, however, it became very obvious that this was a different individual. For instance, no coverts have been renewed on "my" individual. Below you find my attempts at digiscoping the gull in the gloomy, november lowly light..

mandag 3. november 2014

2cy Yellow-legged Gulls from Leiria, Portugal 25.03.2014

Bird 1.

Bird 2.

Bird 3.

Bird 4.

Bird 5.

Bird 6.

Bird 7.

Bird 8.

Bird 9.

Bird 10.

Bird 11.

Bird 12.

Bird 13.

Bird 14.

Bird 15.

Bird 16.

Bird 17.

Bird 18.

Bird 19.

Bird 20.

Bird 21.

Bird 22.

Bird 23.