tirsdag 25. oktober 2011

2cy Caspian Gull in Mandal harbour

This beauty was discovered by Thomas Bentsen in Mandal harbour 25.10.2011. At the very same spot as he found this 3cy Caspian Gull 19.03.2010! A striking and quite typical individual.

tirsdag 16. august 2011

Yellow-legged gull in Mandal

Well, it's about time something happened on this, the least updated blog in Europe...

Inge has done it again. Today, he searched for a 1cy caspian gull, which he found yesterday (but unfortunately didn't get photos of), when he discovered this fine 1cy yellow-legged gull. It is a small bird, so most probably it is a female.

It shares many of the features seen on "JOHN", the bird ringed almost a year ago at the same spot. I therefore refer to the blog-entry on JOHN for identification clues. This bird is not as advanced as JOHN (no immediately visible 2. gen feathers), but note the wear in the tertials, coverts and scapulars. This is an important feature that separates it from similar looking native lesser black backed gulls (and herrings). These have immaculate fresh plumages at this time up here.

All photos: Inge Flesjå