lørdag 8. februar 2014

Presumed Herring Gull, found by Klaus M. Torland at Sjøsanden, Mandal 08.02.2014

The influx of rarities and difficult birds continues in Vest Agder, the southernmost "county" of Norway. Today, Klaus M. Torland (mark the name!) found this gull at Sjøsanden, Mandal. It exhibits quite a few yellow legged gull features, like a lot of black in the hand, with a broad black band on P5 and a broken band on P4, a mirror on P10 only, bright yellow legs and a notch darker mantle than the accompanying herring gulls. Otherwise, however, it looked like a herring gull with this species` jizz and remnants of winter blotching on head/neck and also less clear-cut demarcation between black and grey on the upper hand. A very interesting bird that probably just shows what we have to deal with regarding the subspecies argentatus…they simply have no shame these gulls...

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