tirsdag 25. februar 2014

2cy Caspian Gull, Fredrikstad 25th of february 2014

The mini invasion of caspian gulls to Norway continues. So far in 2014, 7 caspian gulls have been recorded, two adults, two 2nd winters and three 1st winters. Four of these have allready been presented here in previous entries. The last (i.e number 8), but hopefully not least, caspian gull was discovered by Asgeir Larsen (again) in Fredrikstad today, just a few long stone throws away from where he discovered the 2nd winter caspian on the 10th of feb. Elusive and mobile at times, but most arriving birders got decent or even excellent views with a little patience. Here are some nice photos of the bird by Magne "Pedro" Pettersen. It is a big individual with a rather heavy bill, so most probably a male.

All photos: Magne Pettersen

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