lørdag 22. november 2014

2 1cy Caspian Gulls, Øra, Fredrikstad

Asgeir Lar(u)sen called to inform me about a caspian gull he had discovered today. A nice, advanced bird with several renewed coverts and tertials. It was also very vocal and consequently really easy to locate because of the "far-from-musical" quality of this species call. Below are some photos of the bird. All are Asgeirs work.


A "well timed" goshawk (arrived about 5 minutes before me...) scared all the gulls away from the dump and this bird did not return afterwards. I therefore spent a few hours trying to relocate it and thought I was successful when at last I discovered a 1cy caspian gull bathing and preening by the breakwaters. After checking Asgeirs photos, however, it became very obvious that this was a different individual. For instance, no coverts have been renewed on "my" individual. Below you find my attempts at digiscoping the gull in the gloomy, november lowly light..

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