onsdag 19. september 2012

Caspian gulls from Sweden

In a couple of entries we will present pictures of (mostly) caspian gulls from a recent trip to Scania, Sweden. The main purpose for the trip was raptors in Falsterbo, but as always, the weather may make you change plans. We present many pictures of the same individuals to show the birds from different angles if possible...The weather was very changing throughout the day which reflects on the quality of the photographs. Hope you'll enjoy them. We begin with a big male that gave excellent views in the small harbour of Smygehamn, the southernmost point in Sweden. (Co-observers: Magne Pettersen, Harald Mørken and Roar Olsen). SEN

Next a 2cy in a field just west of Smygehamn. Long distance shots only..

 Note the mirrors of the growing P10's

Next one up is a 4k(+) in a field west of Hörte hamn..

 The last ones for this time are two beautiful 1cy's in Abbekås. Here's #1

 # 2:

 More to come later when photos have been processed...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Nice pics! What makes #2 a Caspian, and not - for instance - a Yellow-legged Gull? It's head profile is not extremely "caspic", the goney's is quite prominent and the tail bar is massive. The underwing is perhaps in the pale end, but it would be interesting to hear how you think.

    All the best,

    Bjørn Olav Tveit

  2. Hello, Bjørn Olav!

    Well, it certainly gave me the "caspian feeling" when seen in the field. Judged by size it was probably a male and these can often have more pronounce gonys angles than females. It also has the all white face and strangely positioned eye of a caspian. I think also that it is almost unheard of with obvious white mirror in P10 on 2cy YLG?



  3. Sorry, I was referring to the one you name #2 - the last 1-cal bird.

  4. Ahh! Sorry!

    The bird in question (the right #2)shows the typical double wingbars of CG(dark bases - light tips on both greater coverts and median coverts and involves all coverts where many/most YLGs have more chequered pattern on inner gc. Note also the pale brown and allready bleached wing.), has broader white tips to tertials and a broader tailbar of more even width than what I would expect of a YLG. I think also that the eyes look smaller and more isolated than on a typical YLG and that the head looks relatively small too. The "venetian blind" effect on the inner primaries is very obvious where YLG most often look darker and closer to LBBG. I may be wrong, of course, and find caspian gulls to be really variable and no two individuals identical... Many are really similar to YLG and e.g the characters you mention and the coarsely marked scaps can invite confusion with YLG. Or hybrids...