fredag 11. juni 2010

Caspian hybrid?

It's about time we updated this blog. Since the last entry, most gull-related business have happened in Mandal (as usual). Inge is currently being challenged as the Mandal-gull-discovery-wizard by Thomas Bentsen, who has destroyed Inge's 100% track record of discovering rare gulls in norways southermost city the last months. But first, we start off with a Flesjå discovery; a probable hybrid caspian x herring gull. The bird shows a nice mixture of features, making a hybrid the most likely explanation. It was observed by a number of experienced gull-watchers, and all of them felt caspian genes were involved. It spent a few days in Mandal harbour in late december 2009. All photos Inge Flesjå

More to come soon...

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